Voicebot Podcast:
VocaliD - June 21, 2019

Rupal Patel APPEARS on Voicebot Podcast


On June 21st, 2019 VocaliD's CEO, Rupal Patel, sat down with Bret Kinsella of Voicebot.ai for his popular Voicebot Podcast.

You can listen to this episode below:

This one hour in depth interview was a deep dive into VocaliD, as well as, the history and science of speech synthesis, providing the listener with a solid understanding of the hows and whys of modern voice AI.

During the podcast, Rupal and Bret delved into the future of computer-generated voice and how it relates to the surge in voice-first products we are seeing (and hearing). The technological advances in machine learning will undoubtedly offer numerous benefits from both a consumer and brand standpoint.

One of the many interesting take aways was the impact that today's advances in speech synthesis will have on inclusivity and allowing communities to feel less disenfranchised.

Rupal explained that if you look at the past - the prototypes for radio and television broadcasting were a very limited voice or face. There wasn't much diversity in the beginning, but now you are seeing, and hearing, a far more diverse range of communities in these two mediums. This hadn't yet caught on in the synthetic voice world however, and Rupal is eager for what will come now that VocaliD can offer unique high quality diverse voices.

"Our world is diverse. From age, gender, sexual orientation, and accents, and we don't hear much of that at all in the synthetic voices we hear around us."
-Rupal Patel, CEO of VocaliD

Graphic of sound wave which takes on the shape of a heart before turning back into a regular sound wave patterns

Wrapping up this educational podcast, Ms. Patel discussed the ethical responsibilities that technology companies must be aware that they hold when creating new technologies that may bring unintended consequences - and how it is important to consider ways in which to build safeguards into the design of your technology to mitigate these risks.

In summary, this is a can't miss podcast for all of you out there that are interested in voice technology, speech synthesis, voice-first design, inclusion through technology, and the ethics of technological advances.

We hope you enjoy it - it's a great listen while you fighting holiday traffic this upcoming July 4th!

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