“What is VocaliD?”
Since 2014 VocaliD has been at the forefront of creating and building personalized synthetic voices using state-of-the-art machine learning and speech blending algorithms. A voice AI company with deep scientific roots, wherever voice is, VocaliD is there. We build custom voices for today and secure them for the voice-first future. 

“Who benefits from a VocaliD voice?”
Everyone. Digital voice has far-reaching benefits, from individuals that choose voices for their assistive technology or those seeking to customize their voice-first enabled devices, to the enterprises that want to create an enhanced customer experience that is smoother, safer and more robust. Today’s digital voice connects us and allows us to relate, to each other and to the world around us.

“What do I need to do to share my voice?”
First, you will need to create a user account here. Once you have signed up, you will need an over-the-ear headset microphone (we recommend Turtle Beach Recon 50). Make sure that you are using a computer and not a phone or tablet when recording. For the best experience, we recommend that you use the Google Chrome browser.

“Will others know I am a Voicebank Contributor?”
We will keep your contribution to The Human Voicebank confidential. You may, of course, choose to share the idea with others and help us spread the word!

Please note that if you are part of a VoiceDrive, the ambassador who invited you will be able to monitor your progress but s/he will not have access to your account.

“Do I need to sound like a radio announcer?”
No. We want and need all types of voices. Each person has a unique voice, we want to the Voicebank to reflect the diversity of the human voice.

“What is VocaliD’s business model?”
VocaliD is a for-profit technology company focused on creating a new and vibrant world of opportunities for individuals and businesses through the power of digital voice.

“How can I help spread the word?”
We are always looking for ambassadors and others who are passionate about sharing the gift of voice. You can help recruit Voicebank contributors for a local VoiceDrive or organize your own VoiceDrive. For more information see Ambassador Program.

“Is it possible for an individual to bank their speech for their own personal use?”
Absolutely, to bank your voice for yourself, follow the links for Vocal Legacy.

“Can my voice be matched with more than one voice recipient?”
Yes, your voice contribution can be used to create a unique voice for multiple recipients.

“If my voice is used, will I be able to learn more about the recipient?”
For privacy reasons, it is our policy to keep the recipient’s identity confidential.

“If I need additional help, whom do I contact?”
Please reach out at support@vocalid.ai.


“Why should I do this?”
There are so many reasons! First of all, you can help those living with speechlessness to be heard in their own unique voice — that’s powerful. In the process, you can learn something about your own voice just by recording. Most of us rarely give our voice much thought, but the process of recording can be made educational and reflective.

Your participation also helps fuel advancement in voice technology, helping scientists develop novel ways to analyze, recognize and synthesize speech. As with any new emerging technology, there are inherent risks of misuse. We are proactively creating measures to ensure that our technology cannot be misused. We not only build voices today, but we are also securing them for the future so that all of our voices are safe for tomorrow.   

“How long does it take to complete the full recording?”
We need between 2-3 hours of high-quality audio recordings to create a digital voice. You won’t do this at once, though. You can take your time and break it up into small sessions of around 15-20 minutes so that you can record your best voice. Our online Voicebank allows you to record whenever you want. All we ask is that you record in a quiet place without distractions. Don’t forget to listen to your samples to make sure we have clear and noise-free samples. The better your recordings, the better the voice we can create.

“English is not my first language. Can I still share my voice?”
Yes, no problem at all. We welcome all accents.

“Are there any other languages than English available right now?”
For now, we are focused on English. In the future, we hope to add additional languages!


“How do I change my email address?”
To change your login and email address, log in to your account and click on your name in the upper right corner. Go to ‘Edit Profile’ and then ‘Account’. Change the email listed and click ‘Save Changes’.

“I lost my password, what do I do?”
Click here and select ‘Forgot your password?”. Once you do, you will receive an email with instructions on how you can change your password.

“Can I delete my account and my recordings?”
Yes, you can. To do so, email us at support@vocalid.ai and we will help you out.

“Are my voice recordings stored in a safe place? I’m worried about my privacy.”
You can feel confident banking your voice with us. As experts in voice, we are not only building digital voices, we are developing methods to assess, detect, and counteract potential misuses of this emerging technology. We take the security of your data very seriously and have implemented measures to help us protect it. See our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use for more information.


“Do I have to be over 18-years-old to share my voice?”
No, people of all ages can share their voice on our online platform, however, you must get parental consent if you are 16-years-old or younger.

“Are there any special steps necessary for children to create an account?”
Children can create a basic account on VocaliD by themselves, but for children under 16, we require a parent or guardian’s consent to our terms related to the collection and usage of biometric data before they can begin banking or uploading recordings.

After creating an account a child can choose from their dashboard to register to be a voice contributor or to start the process to create a BeSpoke Voice or Vocal Legacy. If they are under 16 they will be directed to enter a parent or guardian’s email address.

We will then send a mail to the parent or guardian instructions and information regarding our biometric data policy with a special link. This link will allow them to sign up or sign in and to review and accept the terms on behalf of their child.

“Will others recognize me in someone’s voice?”
A VocaliD voice is always blended unless it is for yourself. While it is possible, it is very unlikely that others will recognize you in the blended voice — unless, of course, you have a famous or well-known voice!


“What are the steps to start contributing my voice?”
First, create your Voice Contributor account here. Once you have completed filling out your profile information, you will submit your audition.

Using a headset microphone, laptop, or desktop computer in a quiet environment, you will read a short passage then submit your audition. VocaliD will review your submission to make sure your recordings sound clear and are free of background noise. You’ll receive an email from us within 24-48 hours, letting you know you have passed the audition or, we will give feedback on ways to improve your retake.

Once you’ve passed, you will begin your voice contribution journey.

“My company is interested in launching a staff-wide volunteer initiative, could voicebanking with VocaliD be a good option?”
Absolutely! For smaller teams, you may be interested in checking out our VoiceDrive Ambassador Program. Creating a VoiceDrive is a great way to engage at least ten or more VoiceDrive participants.

To learn more about our VoiceDrive Ambassador Program, visit us here.

If you are a larger company, let’s chat, contact us at hello@vocalid.ai. Beginning in fall 2020, companies that run organization-wide VoiceDrives will be eligible to receive recognition on VocaliD’s website as well as earn badges they can display on their company website.

“Is there a minimum of hours needed to be a volunteer?”
To join the Human Voicebank community, VocaliD does not require a minimum number of recordings or time spent. However, to blend your voice to create a custom voice for someone in need, we need at least 1,500 high-quality sentences.

VocaliD estimates that it takes contributors around one hour to record 500 sentences. These recordings do not need to be done in one sitting.

“Are there specific times or days that VocaliD is open to volunteers contributing?”
No, voice contributors can log in to the Human Voicebank to record their voice at any time, regardless of the day or hour. 

“Can I receive volunteer hours for contributing my voice?”
Voice contributors can receive volunteer hours for the time spent sharing their voice. Please check in with the requirements listed by your volunteer source to ensure virtual volunteer hours are accepted.

“I am required to volunteer with a non-profit organization. Is VocaliD a non-profit organization?”
No, VocaliD is not a non-profit organization.

“How can I verify my number of hours contributed?”
Voice contributors can track their hours and print out a certificate of achievement once they have contributed at least 50 sentences. The certificate includes our CEO’s signature and the amount of time spent voicebanking.

“How do I print my certificate of achievement?”
From your VocaliD recording studio, select your name in the upper right hand corner and choose “print certificate.” Your certificate will be automatically downloaded to your computer to print.


“Can I use my phone or iPad to record my voice?”
No, The Human Voicebank portal is currently only available on a Mac or PC using Google Chrome. You cannot access the site with a smartphone or tablet, and we cannot guarantee the site will work with any other internet browser. We’re working actively to get The Human Voicebank working on other browsers and devices!

“Why do my recordings sound hollow or unclear?”
You will need a headset microphone to record — please do not use earbuds or your computer’s internal microphone. Once you have plugged the headset into the USB port, click the Chrome menu in the top right. Then, go to Settings > Show advanced settings, and select Content settings in the Privacy section. Make sure to select the headset in the dropdown under the Microphone section and the option ‘Ask’ when a site requires access to your camera and microphone. If you do not own a headset with microphone, see if you can borrow one from a friend or purchase our recommended headset here.

If your microphone still isn’t working, make sure that https://vocalid.ai is not set to “Block” by clicking Manage exceptions. In other words, make sure that the internal microphone isn’t enabled when you’re wearing the headset.

“How often are my sentences saved?”
The platform tracks your progress and saves your sentences frequently. Even if your browser crashes unexpectedly, it is unlikely you will lose more than a few sentences.

“How will I know if I my recordings are of good enough quality?”
There are multiple quality checks built into the platform. If a problem is detected as you record, you will receive a pop-up message. If an issue is detected after you log out from the session, you’ll receive a notification on the dashboard when you log back in.

The best way to assess the quality of your recordings is to listen to a few samples every time you start a new story or session.

“I’m getting a pop-up that indicates that I am talking too loud. What am I doing wrong?”
Make sure that there is no background noise. Also, try to move your microphone closer or further away from your mouth to see if that helps.


“If I’m not happy, can I get a refund?”
Our voices are non-refundable. We’ve made this change because we truly want you to be happy with the voice you are buying. We now offer Preview, a low-cost service that puts the power of choice in your hands. You can hear a preview build of what your voice will sound like. If you are building your Vocal Legacy, you can choose to bank more sentences to improve the voice or purchase the voice you hear. If you are interested in a BeSpoke voice, you can choose to remix your voice with a new blend of contributors or purchase the voice you hear.  Each Preview is $29.99. The first Preview is credited 100% to your full purchase and each subsequent Preview is credited 50% to your BeSpoke or Legacy purchase. There are no surprises, Preview lets you choose your voice.

“Is the voice covered by insurance?”
At this time, synthetic voices are not routinely covered under insurance plans. Some carriers have covered some or all of the costs, and some organizations (e.g. the Veterans Associations, other cause-based non-profits) have subsidized the cost of voices. Many of our users have also used crowdfunding campaigns to purchase their voices.

“What happens when the person gets older?”
We are working on ways of modifying digital voices over time, in a way similar to how our voice changes with age.

“Could you create a voice using a recording of the patient’s voice or do you require clients to be able to produce sound now?”
We require high-quality recordings uploaded to our Human Voicebank portal to create a voice. If you have a specific use case, please email us at hello@vocalid.ai.

“Could you create a voice for my voice-enabled app?”  Yes, we can make a digital voice for voice-enabled devices. Please note, however, that the voice building process and pricing differ for commercial use. To learn more, please contact us at hello@vocaliD.ai.