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Whether you are an individual using assistive technologies or a brand looking for a unique voice, VocaliD has the solution.

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We Are Your End-to-End Voice AI Experts

From creating voices to protecting them, our team at VocaliD works at the forefront of voice synthesis technology. Our solutions address the needs of organizations across all verticals, providing enhanced customer experiences through increased efficiency, relatability, and diversity.

Transform your organization with the power of custom voice.

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Start speaking in the voice your customer wants to hear

The voice-first movement is upon us and today’s brands need a way to stand out and rise above the spiritless noise of impersonal generic voice. Truly connect with the diverse segments of your audience with true personalization. Bring your product to life with a unique intelligent voice and give your consumers a truly captivating experience.

VocaliD empowers your business with unique synthetic voice capabilities that help you better serve the consumers you target. Design the voice of your brand and be heard.

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Your Voice is Your Choice

Our voices are not identical, they are our identities.

VocaliD brings unique diverse voice to everyone. We believe in the power of one’s unique individuality and that everyone should have the ability to choose the voice that resonates.

Regardless of your assistive technology needs, our ready-to-use and custom voice solutions give you the freedom of voice.

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Cutting-Edge Digital Voice For Our Diverse World

In our increasingly interconnected world, there is a growing need for authentic and expressive vocal identities to enhance how we connect with one another through technology. Today’s digital voices must be as distinct as the people and products using them. Our breakthrough solutions combine state-of-the-art speech synthesis technology with advanced speech processing tools while leveraging our crowdsourced voicebank of 26,000+ speakers to create truly unique and diverse voices.

Learn more about the Human Voicebank.

Your Voice, only safer

With the widespread adoption of voice technology, we believe it is paramount to consider the unintended consequences of its use. At VocaliD we are proactively designing innovative safeguards in order to protect and secure all digital voices for tomorrow.

Read more: Ethical Responsibility

When you design your voice, you give others a voice as well

We believe in the power of individuality and uniqueness. VocaliD is committed to building a world where everyone can be heard regardless of their vocal abilities. We also believe in the power of thoughtful citizenship and shared responsibility. This mission has fueled the creation of VocaliD’s Human Voicebank.

Your engagement has a direct impact. By choosing a VocaliD voice for your business, you are subsidizing the creation of voices for those using assistive technology.

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You have a unique voice. We can amplify it.

VocaliD’s cutting-edge voice design platform will elevate your brand above the noise, so your consumers can hear you and your message — loud and clear.

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