Your Voice is YOUR Choice

We believe in the power of one’s individuality and uniqueness. Your assistive device should speak in a voice that showcases who you are. Now it can.

The World is Listening

Today, you have options. Whether you choose Y(our) Voice, a specially-crafted ready-to-use voice, or one of our custom selections, BeSpoke or Vocal Legacy, we have the voice for you.

Y(our) Voice

A voice for you powered by a world of contributors.

Y(our) voices are pre-built ready-to-use voices powered by the collective contributions of The Human Voicebank. 

Learn more about Y(our) Voice

Vocal Legacy

Preserve your voice and control your vocal destiny.

Custom Vocal Legacy voices use your unblended vocal recordings to craft a digital version of your unique voice.  

Learn more about Vocal Legacy

BeSpoke Voices

Be heard in a voice that fits your personality.

Custom BeSpoke voices empower you to be heard as yourself through our state-of-the-art voice blending technology.

Learn more about BeSpoke Voices

Choose the Voice that Speaks to You

Learn more about our individual consumer products today and take the first step towards having your own unique VocaliD voice.

Supported Devices

Before we begin the process of creating your custom voice, please ensure that your device is currently supported.

If you do not see your device listed here but are interested in a VocaliD voice, we are happy to add you to our waiting list.  To try out our demo voice on your device, contact us at

VocaliD voices are currently available for the following devices:

  • MyVocaliD for iOS
  • TouchChat for iOS
  • MyVocaliD for Android
  • Tobii i-Series for Windows
  • PRC Accent for Windows

Our Commitment to Innovation

Until recently, text-to-speech technology was not known for innovation. We are partnering with businesses to bring our cutting-edge technology to everyday life. Every advance in innovation results in better text-to-speech products for you.

Learn more about VocaliD enterprise solutions for brands.

Ready to learn more?

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