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BeSpoke empowers people to speak as themselves. Order your personalized voice and reclaim your vocal identity today.

The BeSpoke Journey

Discover how easy it can be to get your new custom voice.

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Record your sample directly in our easy to use site to get started!

Find Matches & Blend

The system will find recording matches and blend them to make your unique voice.

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Now you have the power to hear your voice blend before committing to a download!

Provide Feedback!

Sometimes you won't love the first blend, just provide feedback and we'll re-blend.

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Your Voice, Approved by You!


Pay to Preview*

*Preview your voice for $29.99 prior to making the commitment to purchasing your Vocal Legacy or BeSpoke voice.

We know that voice is deeply personal and we all have different preferences. The preview feature provides sample sentences so you can be the judge. You can also leave us comments if you’d like to proceed but aren’t quite satisfied. If you like what you hear, proceed to purchase the voice and we’ll build the downloadable version.

Note that each preview is $29.99. When you decide to move ahead with your final purchase of a custom BeSpoke or Vocal Legacy voice, your first preview is fully deducted from the cost of your new voice, while 50% of the cost of additional previews will be applied to your custom voice purchase.

Supported Devices

Before we begin the process of creating your custom voice, please ensure that your device is currently supported.

If you do not see your device listed here but are interested in a VocaliD voice, we are happy to add you to our waiting list.  To try out our demo voice on your device, contact us at

VocaliD voices are currently available for the following devices:

  • MyVocaliD for iOS
  • TouchChat for iOS
  • MyVocaliD for Android
  • Tobii i-Series for Windows
  • PRC Accent for Windows

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