Voice Experience (VX) and the Voice-First Horizon

Voice Experience (VX)
and the Voice-First Horizon


Voice is our passion.

Founded by acclaimed speech scientist Rupal Patel, VocaliD's team of speech scientists, technologists, and entrepreneurs set out to create a new universe of voices. Voices that felt alive and showcased the identity of the speaker, rather than a random robotic string of words that lacked in personality. Believing that everyone deserved a voice as unique as them, this work profoundly impacted us all and showed us first hand how important the voice experience (VX) is to an individual. Voice experiences didn’t just impact the user experience (UX), it had the power to change lives.

In early 2018, we realized that voice is more complex and layered today than when we first began our mission. With the explosion of voice-first devices and interfaces, voice has become a robust new touch point for businesses to reach their consumers. It has also become a vulnerability requiring a proactive approach to safeguard it against threats. As leaders in the voice synthesis space, we saw opportunities to continue to innovate and impact with our technology by expanding outside the consumer market we first launched in. Now in 2019, we are bringing voice to brands, institutions, and organizations seeking out cutting-edge voice technology as a way to provide better products, services, and experiences for their customers.

"Certainly, voice technology is still fairly young and a lot of questions remain, however, what is becoming quite clear is that voice experience (VX) is the new strategy for marketing and c-suite to embrace.​"

At VocaliD, we foresee voice as a key in the unfolding battle to master and deliver great customer experiences. In a world populated with chatbots, smartphones, voice authentication systems, and smart devices, Voice is everywhere. Voice is impacting UX and making, or breaking, customer experiences.

In order to be heard above the noise in this new arena, brands and organizations will need to become thoughtful in the VX of their customers. It is evolving and becoming a pathway for business development and sales, marketing, research, and operations. Voice is quickly becoming the omni-channel tool businesses must build into their CX strategies. Certainly, voice technology is still fairly young and a lot of questions remain, however, what is becoming quite clear is that VX is the new strategy for marketing and c-suite to embrace.

Voice Matters

Voice is more than a way to express words. Until recently, voice technology has used digital voice merely as an output modality. A means to an end. Consequently, businesses have underestimated the power of the voice experience. Voice is a social connection that brings people together; it empowers stories and bridges the gaps between businesses and consumers in order to enhance all of our lives.

Voice has power, particularly when it is unique and personal. People are diverse, shouldn’t the voice we use to connect with them be as well? Today, custom voice can create a new and vibrant world of opportunities for businesses and individuals. Tomorrow? We haven’t begun to get a glimpse over that horizon yet to fully appreciate the impact voice-first technologies will have. Certainly, what we have heard, we are excited for!

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