As technological advances bring breakneck changes and new opportunities for society as a whole, businesses need to adapt to keep up and stand out. VocaliD's CEO, Rupal Patel, recently sat down with Value Inspiration podcast host Ton Dobbe to discuss the potential of Voice AI to give people, brands, and products their own vocal identity.

You can listen to this episode below:

In a world where everything speaks, the voice sends a message as much as the content it is speaking. Organizations and companies need to unpack and examine what voice means for their brand. Uniqueness is a strength — a differentiator, and technology can help to demonstrate this.

Not only does voice technology allow an organization or brand to demonstrate their value proposition through audible differentiation, it also assists in powering interaction and connection. Technology can engage and unite people and if these connections are achieved in a manner that is meaningful, then the tech has done its job.

"The ultimate kind of application is not where we become dependent on the technology but that the technology really facilitates interaction between humans."

- Rupal Patel, Founder & CEO - VocaliD

Graphic of sound wave which takes on the shape of a heart before turning back into a regular sound wave patterns

During this interview, you will learn three things:

Why voice is still so underutilized as a mechanism to connect and interact with the users of our products.

How voice can help take adoption of your product to new levels by its ability to create a unique bond with users, build trust and change behavior.

That you role as a product owner is not to reinvent everything – sometimes you are way better of using readily available components and understand their value proposition in context of what you are trying to achieve.

In summary, this podcast provides an interesting forty minute dive into the science of speech synthesis and the opportunities for Voice.

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