Rupal Patel on Radio Entrepreneurs Podcast

Voice AI and an Introduction to VocaliD

Advances in voice synthesis technology have spurred the explosive growth of voice interfaces in our everyday lives. This growth has everyone curious about the future of Voice AI. On December 16, 2018, our founder Rupal Patel sat down with Jeffrey Davis, founder, and host, of the Radio Entrepreneurs Podcast for a short podcast about the history of VocaliD and the future of voice. Have a look at the promotional video for Rupal’s appearance below:

Potential of Voice Technology

As a speech scientist turned entrepreneur, Rupal discusses VocaliD’s social good mission, voice moonshot, and the future of voice technology. While we can’t be certain where Voice will ultimately take us, the potential benefits of voice technology are boundless.

Click below to listen to Rupal Patel’s appearance on Radio Entrepreneurs:

About Radio Entrepreneurs: 

Hosted by Jeffrey Davis, Radio Entrepreneur is a daily podcast focused on entrepreneurs. The conversation is their story: the story of who they are and how they became an entrepreneur. 

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