A clean and simple
type-to-speak app
for the way you live

For iOS and Android

We designed a text-to-speech app with a simple clean user interface that focuses only on the most important things. No unnecessary gimmicky features to get in the way of you participating in the conversations that matter most.

Voice Choice

We believe in voice choice. Use any VocaliD personalized voice with the MyVocaliD app.


As simple as sending a text! Type-to-talk for real time conversation at work or at play.


No need to buy a separate speaking device, use your current smart phone or tablet.

iOS and Android Compatible

The MyVocaliD app offers a clean, modern user interface to compose messages. Users can focus on their conversations with the ability to use Favorite Phrases and presets for quicker replies.

iOS and Android features vary slightly. Choose your platform below and download straight from your app store.

iOS Features

  • In-app sliders adjust Pitch, Speed, and Volume of the voice.
  • Send audio files via text message (exclusive iOS capability)

Android Features

  • Adjust Speech Rate (speed) in Android’s main system settings.
  • VocaliD TTS engine accessible across Android apps.

Learn more about VocaliD’s personalized voices for individuals – Vocal Legacy and BeSpoke.