Voices.com Announces Partnership with VocaliD

LONDON, Ontario–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Feb 25, 2019–Voices.com, the world’s largest marketplace for procuring voice recordings, and VocaliD, a leading provider of synthetic voices, have today formed a partnership that will benefit brands looking to create their own synthetic voices for smart speakers and other voice applications.

For years, brands have been coming to Voices.com to hire voice actors for recordings ranging from commercials to videos. Emerging technologies such as smart speakers, specifically Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, present opportunities for brands to connect with their audiences in a whole new way.

Through this partnership, customers of Voices.com will now have access to VocaliD’s cutting edge voice AI products and services to address their evolving needs in today’s voice-first ecosystem. Businesses will have the ability to procure their own unique branded synthetic voice so they can be heard in a voice that resonates with their audience.

“The universe of things-that-talk is growing, but the diversity of unique digital voice isn’t. This means lots of businesses don’t sound like themselves—they sound like each other,” said VocaliD CEO, Dr. Rupal Patel. “As daily conversations shift to voice-first technology, it is no longer enough that apps and devices can talk, they must also relate to their diverse audience.”



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