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Getting a diverse voice today is easy. At VocaliD we understand that choice is power and that everyone has unique needs. We’ve designed Y(our) Voice for YOU.

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Welcome to Y(our) Voice, affordable diverse voices for school, work, or play. Whether you are using Y(our) Voice to speak for you or to you, now you can customize your assistive device experience to your liking.

Each ready-to-use voice is named by its *unique voice type. Read more about VocaliD’s 16 distinct voice types

Y(our) Voice bridges the gap between the cookie cutter voices your device comes with and one of our custom voices, BeSpoke and Vocal Legacy.

Browse and Buy Y(our) Voice

Y(our) Voice is available as a month-to-month subscription billed at $24.99 for the first month (this includes initiation) and $7.99 each month thereafter OR as a one-time annual subscription of $99.

Check back often to hear our newest Y(our) Voice offerings

Anchor 1
Price: Monthly / Annual
Crystal 1 - Child
Crystal 1 - Child
Low Res High Res Buy
Price: Monthly / Annual
Armor 1
Price: Monthly / Annual
Bowtie 1
Price: Monthly / Annual
Windmill 1
Price: Monthly / Annual
Armor 2
Price: Monthly / Annual

*NOTE: Men, women, and children of various ages can have the same voice type; in fact, all of these categories are relatively defined, and none are better or worse than others.

Supported Devices

Before you buy your ready-to-use Y(our) Voice, please ensure that your device is currently supported.

If you do not see your device listed here but are interested in a VocaliD Y(our) Voice, we are happy to add you to our waiting list.

Please note that you will be directed to a login page and asked to register for an account in order to complete your Y(our) Voice purchase.

Y(our) Voice ready-to-use voices are currently available for the following devices:

  • MyVocaliD for iOS
  • TouchChat for iOS
  • MyVocaliD for Android
  • Tobii i-Series for Windows
  • PRC Accent for Windows

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