Discover our newest consumer offering — Voice Capsule, an affordable innovative voice preservation product that turns transforms memories into cherished audiobiographies that can be passed on from generation to generation.

Voice Capsule is a dual purpose product; capturing life's memories and stories to share in the voice of the storyteller to store and share as an audio keepsake or to create a digital voice for future needs.

Voice preservation for Voice Capsule is simple— just use our easy web-based interface to read and record the short stories presented to you or choose to tell your life stories by responding to our carefully-crafted guided prompts, personalized for the story you want to tell.

After purchase, we will contact you to set up your account. We do this to ensure that your Voice Capsule is personalized to your specific needs.

Once you log-in to your account, you can set up your profile and record an "audition" to test your system's recording quality.

We will either clear you to begin recording, or we'll troubleshoot with you so that your memories sound the very best they can.

In the Voice Capsule recording platform, you will have access to the Memory Packs you selected during onboarding.

Your time commitment varies depending on your Memory Pack selection.

If you decide to add the option of converting your recordings into a digital voice —you may need to record additional content in order to capture the unique aspects of your speech.

Congratulations on finishing your first Memory Pack!

So, now what can you do?

You can select another Memory Pack to continue adding to your Voice Capsule, you can bundle your memories together and share these with family and friends, or you can choose to create your own custom-crafted Audiobiography —set to music and more.

Every new Voice Capsule user begins with a similar set of stories and prompts created to relax the individual and introduce them to the system while getting them comfortable with the audiobiography process. We find that stories flow better for our users once they are warmed up and familiar with voice preservation recording.

Once a new user works through the warm up stories and prompts, they will be offered the opportunity to start customizing their Memory Pack prompts based on different story line interests, i.e. birth stories, "how we met", remember whens, etc. You will be given opportunities at onboarding to pre-select some interests for future Memory Packs and then periodically when new Memory Packs come available. You'll also have an opportunity to purchase upgraded Memory Packs that are custom written for you and your loved ones.

Start preserving your memories!

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