VocaliD's CEO, Rupal Patel, recently sat down with Channel Clinical Founder and CEO Ms. Somer Hamrick to share her personal and professional experiences as a female founder in STEM for the When She Founded Podcast.

You can listen to this episode below:

Here are the topics that Rupal Patel and Ms. Hamrick touch on during this 36 minute podcast:

  • What inspired Rupal to start VocaliD and the gap in the market she hoped to fill
  • How she found the funding to launch the voice AI company
  • Transitioning into an entrepreneurial mindset and the challenges she faced when making this shift
  • How the VocaliD team has evolved since its inception
  • Why surrounding yourself with a solid team is critical to the success of your business
  • The challenges of finding a co-founder with a vision, mission, and passion that is aligned with yours
  • The phases of building the business that pushed the development of her AI technology to the next level and increased market awareness
  • Strategies she used to increase consumer awareness and share her message with prospective customers
  • Why VocaliD’s messaging speaks to two specific audiences
  • Rupal’s prediction for the trajectory of her business
  • What her team currently looks like and how it has evolved since the inception of the company
  • Her passion for STEM4SocialChange and how they help teach children about voice technology and STEM as well as it’s social impact on the world
  • Rupal’s advice for female entrepreneurs
  • How Rupal channels her inner strength when faced with uncertainty
  • "Surrounding yourself with a solid team, both on your staff as well as in the advisory or board capacity is vital."

    - Rupal Patel, Founder & CEO - VocaliD

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